About United States Executive Protection

U.S.E.P.’s mission is to provide organizations training, education, and consultation services that will reduce disabling injuries and save lives. Every year, we train people in safety practices proven to protect life and promote health, and provide ONSITE consulting services to companies and organizations throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Our consultants will guide you to a new awareness about both the best (what’s working) and the worst (what’s not working) parts of your company. From there, we’ll present solutions that leverage your resources and help you regain a sharp focus on your business.

Foresight is the first thing that gets lost when your business keeps you on the run for too long. When you bring in help like us, it’s your chance to stop, take a breath and regain some perspective about the business you’ve built. We are a knowledgeable partner in human capital management. We can analyze your current personnel policies and procedures, and identify any gaps in compliance.

We’ll identify more efficient ways to handle important details, including employee benefits, workplace safety programs, compliance with federal and state employment laws, labor and workplace regulatory requirements and related administrative responsibilities.